Monday, April 26, 2004

When they start giving out cybornetic arms, sign me up! For real though. For real.
I heard a while back they made an arm that a monkey controlled with his brain. I almost cried with joy. All I've ever wanted was to be a super-solder. A living weapon. Finally it seems with my still-fleshy grasp.
As far as the bill of rights? seemed like pretty good stuff to me, but I don't understand why it was the cyborg bill of rights. More like the leftist-modernist-"I also recycle" Bill of Rights. Seriously though, I don't know what I'm talking about.
I play euchre as a woman regularly.
ha, no, I'm kidding. I did though, just for this, and it wasn't very interesting. I did get called a bitch though, for shit-talking after we set them, but I might have been called a bitch even if my name wasn't "rnbowsnflowersnpuppies".
I think I pulled it off. Hell, it's easy online. You really can be whomever you want. BUT, webcams are gonna kill that by the end of the decade. Everyone'll have one and then the gig will be up.
I don't know about gender issues online, I don't really do the chat room thing and I barely use AIM. when I do I don't notice any gender norm differences. no more than in real life at least. Maybe I'm crazy. I am crazy.
I'm not very secure with my data actually. I rarely change passwords, my "secret questions" are all painfully easy, I give out my information often, and I have a ton of spyware on my computer. I guess mostly I'm just trusting- that God's on my side and that evil people can't touch me.
I did notice someone signing on with my AIM screenname recently though and I changed all my passowrds. It was the first time in a long, long while. It's taken some getting used to. Anyway, it freaked me out a litte, because I don't really feel so hot about having an imposter. But it's all taken care of now, so you can stop trying to sign on with my screenname.
Cool is pretty important to me. For men, far more than for women, cool can be far more attractive than any traditional, physical attractiveness. Mick Jagger, for example, is a fucking God of sexiness, and he's hideous. He's just so cool.
Cool is a feeling, an attitude, a sense of art in everyday life. Cool is what let's me get away with being a selfish creep. God bless cool.
I can't answer the one about the library, I wasn't there that day, and the link, I'm pretty sure went to the site about it, didn't work. Anyway, I assume it's about censorship of pornographic websites at the expense of educational websites. Current internet filters block more than just pornography, for example breat cancer are often blocked because they concern breasts. I'm pretty sure the library would oppose this. As do I.
"Good technologies"
- compact discs
- refridgeration
- film, DVDs, etc. Anything that let's us watch movies.
- electric guitar
- bionic limbs

"Bad technolgy"
- cell phones. seriously. seriously...
- laser guided missiles
- TV
- reality TV
- evil robots

There's definitely too much information. Too much pornography. When I was just a wee middle schooler I had to search far and wide for a dirty magazine, now any and all porn is at my fingertips. I can't imagine my children growing up in a world where the sickest of sick porn is always readily available.

I won't use cell phones. I hate them. I think they rot people. TV is just as bad. If not worse. I try to avoid it, although it's very addictive. Right now we have no TV in the house.

Life isn't meaningful, I don't think. Just a trip.

Religion is a popular tool with which to give meaning to life. In undeveloped countries, and developed ones as well, people seek answers to questions and they come in many forms: new DVDs, Allah, pop music, etc.
WAYYYYYY LATE, but my steel account really was up a long, long time ago. Doesn't matter I suppose.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I love video games; sometimes a little too much, I'm often told. I had a Turbo Graphics 16 when that first came out, eventually I got a SNES, a Playstation and now a Playstation 2. My Playstation 2, though, has been broken for quite a while, so now I mostly just play internet video games: Blasterball 2 REVOLUTION, Text Twist, Mah-Jong, hell, there's a thousand crappy games I love playing- not to mention those giant multi-user strategy games...
Anyway, do I think video games affect me? Sure. I played GTA and it's sequal, Vice City, and, yes, I did want to get into car chases...BUT from the earliest video games I played in my youth to the present, there is a difference between introduction to new ideas and alteration of my behaviors. When I logged 50+ hours into every Final Fantasy game numbers seven through ten-two, did I believe in dragons and wizards and meglo-maniacal super-humans? No, of course not, that's because anyone playing a videogame must distinguish between the fiction on the screen and the reality around them. What I play football games I don't think I'm a pro-football player. When I play fighting games....I still know I'd get my ass beat in a serious fight. When I play Grand Theft Auto it does not incite violence in me, it does not create degrading images of women in my mind, that'll all crazy political doublespeak- I just play it because it's fun.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The RIAA must prosecute illegal downloaders! Due to the onset of music sharing programs such as Napster and Kazaa, a multitude of record companies, software companies and film companies (as well as numerous other media industies) have lost countless dollars in sales. Why would you buy a record if you could download the songs from your bedroom for free? Simply put, most people wouldn't! The ramifications of this spread wider than just monetary loss for companies and distributors; in fact, artists themselves are also losing profits because of these free downloading services. And the damages do not stop simply with losses of profit due to sales declines; these sales declines force record companies or film companies to charge more for individual CDs or DVDs to cope with the smaller sales volume and rectify their losses, thus creating a vicious circle where the audience is unwilling to pay higher prices and decides instead to just download more free music. Ideally the RIAA would locate and prosecute illegal file-sharers and the problem would be halted.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I searched Annie Hall in google and recieved over 800,000 results. All of the first 20 were .com's, and I didn't look beyond that. The first link was to the Annie Hall page on imdb.com, which is a damn good movie site. The second link was to Amazon.com where I'm sure they wanted to sell me something.
a) how has the interactive element of digital information changed contemporary films and television?
Actually, I think it's surprising how little reference there is to the internet on television. The film industry refers to the internet maybe a bit more than television: in 40 Days and 40 Nights, the main characters work at "a dot com". I think internet use in film and on TV is just too boring to show on the screen; after all, no one wants to watch someone browsing the internet.
b) how are websites now incorporated into TV broadcasts - can you think of any examples?
There are a ton of commercials for .com's on TV, but besides that they don't talk about it often. News shows, or sports shows, tell viewers to "log onto our website for more details."
c)What role does the internet (and film websites) have in the distribution and promotion of films?
Movie websites are becomming more and more interesting as filmmakers devote more time to making them so. Film websites provide interesting and free advertising for new films.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I was going to start by describing analog technology, because that came first chronologically, but I couldn't find anything about analog...so I'm going to start with digital technology and work backwards. The word digital refers to the storage of information by way of encoded "digits". Computers, for example, use series of numbers to represent specific items of data; this data can be read, written or stored in digital form.
Alright, so here's what I know about analog technology: tape decks were analog. From a musicians perspective, digital technology is a big step up from the days of reel to reel analog recording; digital is preferred because the sound is much crisper, and digital recordings are much easier to edit than analog recordings. Myself, I prefer the "vintage" sound of analog. Also, film is moving more and more toward digital recording and away from the use of film. Wordnet says analog is "of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input," but I don't really know what that means.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Search Engine- A web site designed to allow users to search through a vast database of other web sites by keyword.
Digital- A manner bywhich information can be stored through a pattern of numbers.
Wireless Telegraph- Similar to the original telegraph...but without wires; instead the messages are sent via radio waves.
Hyper Text Markup Language- html is the language used to write web pages
Smart Mob- A bizarre trend wherein groups of people meet at some location (of which they are informed by way of a web page) to...hang out? Very strange.
Domain Name- The part of a website's name that identifies the owner (i.e. www.blogger.com)
IP Address- a series of numbers and dots that identify a specific computer.
Phreaker- A hacker term for cracking into someone's telephone network.
Global Village- A term that describes the digital interconnection that allows anyone in the world to communicate with anyone else with ease.
Browser- A computer program which allows users to view web sites through an interface.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

1) TV, DVD (players and discs), Cable service, Computer, internet, email, AIM, LAN telephone, CD (portable, computer, independent, car), car radio, broadband cable...I think that's it.
2) I often give up email for a week, I don't really care for emailing. I barely use the phone as well.
3) My parents had radio, record players, and TV by the time they were my age. They had the telephone as far back as my grandparents' youth; the radio too. Computers existed, but were not accessible to the public.
4) I've never gone to the library to study. As long as I've needed source material I've had access to the internet. Albeit there is a lot of misinformation on the internet, but if you are savvy it's not really too much a problem. My parents never had access, certainly not instant access, to such a wealth of information.

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